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August Feature - Touring National Forest Science

August is a prime month for a road trip, so this month we selected web features from our archive that take you to a few of the National Forests where Northern Research Station scientists are working to answer questions important to National Forest managers. We visit the Allegheny National Forest, where Station scientists are part of a forest health collaborative; we see how the Eastern Region is using well-designed stream culverts to support movement of aquatic species (and terrestrial critters too), and we wind up on the Mark Twain National Forest, where the Northern Research Station contributed to a forest restoration project that is leading to reintroduction of a native bird that vanished decades ago.

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Rooted in Research

Pollution Solutions: Maximizing the Cleaning Power of Trees

It is hard to imagine the vast expanse of the Great Lakes being anything but pristine, yet trouble roils just beneath the surface. Along with an increase in the use of electronics, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products comes an increase in the pollutants that are pumped into the environment every day.


New Podcast Season: Backcross
Chemicals and biological control can buy trees time, but they cannot completely control the non-native insects that are attacking trees that have never experienced these insects before. We need something on top of those controls, and these scientists, they’ve been working towards a solution — a long-term resistance. Listen here >>

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