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March Feature - Women of Northern Research Station

During Women’s History Month, we celebrate the immeasurable impact of women in our nation’s history. As we honor those who have inspired others to dream, work, study, serve and succeed, the Northern Research Station wants to emphasize the critical role of women in science and their dedication to the stewardship of our natural environment. This month’s highlight features some of the incredible women who work at the Northern Research Station and their contributions.

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Rooted in Research

Controlling an Introduced Invasive: On the Search for Ailanthus' Achilles Heel

Over 200 years ago, Ailanthus altissima (tree-of-heaven) was introduced to the United States for use as an ornamental. The tree was recognized for its ability to tolerate various soil types and climates, rapid growth, high reproductive capacity, and lack of apparent insect pests or diseases. Initially, Ailanthus represented a reliable tree to plant in cities and revegetate disturbed areas. Today, however, the species is a common invader in many forests across the nation.


Podcast Season 3: Women of Research
Forestcast is kicking off a special 10-episode series highlighting women’s perspectives in research over the past 50 years. Eleven scientists from the Northern Research Station and Rocky Mountain Research Station will share their experiences from before, during and after careers with the USDA Forest Service. Stories of mentors and mentorship, motherhood, rural and urban stewardship, passions for science, leadership, and beyond.  Listen here >>

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Last modified: Monday, March 20, 2023