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Forest Disturbance Processes

Landscape Ecological Modeling

Combining spatially distributed data related to organisms, climate, soils, and topography (as collected from ground surveys, satellites and geographic information systems) with statistical modeling techniques provides ever-increasing capabilities in modeling past, present, and potential future ecosystems at multiple scales. Our research team specializes in this type of modeling, as presented on this page.

Species Habitat Modeling Under Future Climates

Our research focuses on understanding the potential consequences of climate change on the habitat of 134 tree and 147 bird species across the eastern United States. Using empirical data we derive statistical species-based models of current habitat associations based on climate and landscape characteristics. These results provide a statistically based prospective of the potential future habitat for trees and birds.

Modeling Invasives

Emerald Ash Borer an invasive insect, is responsible for killing millions of Ash (Fraxinus) trees throughout much of the Midwestern USA. We model the risk of spread for EAB using a stochastic, spatially explicit cell-based model which incorporates the insect's flight characteristics (Insect Flight Model) and external agents that enable EAB to "hitch a ride" (Insect Ride Model). We have also developed a Ash Tree Health Index (ATHI) classification scheme by weighting the number of epicormic shoots, the number of exit holes, and the canopy light transmission.

Global Impact Assessments

The main goal of our research team is to somehow, somewhere, make tiny contributions to human and environmental well-being. Here we list a few small projects where we have an international focus. We are interested in hearing from people who may want to join with us on a project or idea that could make such a contribution.

Local and Regional Assessments

Here we list projects, tools, or documents that managers, scientists, and the public can use to improve their understanding of the ecosystems they work with.

Research Team

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