The Northern Research Station’s (NRS) Fire Research & Development Program is built upon the framework established by the USDA Forest Service’s Wildland Fire and Fuels Research and Development (WFFRD) Strategic Plan that outlines a national fire research and science application program to meet the needs of land managers, stakeholders, and other clients. The plan identifies five research and program delivery portfolio areas for organizing fire research and product development/delivery activities in the Agency. The NRS conducts research and develops/delivers new products within each of these portfolio areas to address both national and regional fire issues relevant to forest ecosystems in the Midwest and Northeast. The regional issues include relatively high rural human populations intermingling with forested systems; air-quality concerns related to the use of fire for fuels management; several ecosystems historically disturbed by fire now losing fire-dependent biodiversity after decades of fire exclusion; and some fire dependent ecosystems inhabited by citizens largely unfamiliar with fire risk and frequent disturbance.

Integrated Fire & Fuels

Landscape analysis and integrated interdisciplinary research to quantify the interacting effects of management strategies on ecology, environment, and society.

Last Modified: October 21, 2022