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Emerald Ash Borer

Effects and Impacts

[photo:] Street lined with dead ash trees as a result of eab infestationEconomic impacts associated with eab include the loss of valuable trees for timber production and the loss of ash from city and suburban landscapes.  The potential for widespread mortality of ash is a major concern for several Native American tribes who particularly value black ash for basket-making and as a cultural resource.  Long-term ecological impacts of eab could also be profound.  Ash species grow on a variety of soil and sites across much of the eastern U.S. Mortality of ash due to eab will affect forest ecosystems and biodiversity.  Ash trees provide browse, thermal cover and protection for a variety of wildlife species and seeds are consumed by many birds, small mammals and insects.  Research is underway to quantify the economic impacts of eab on industries and communities.  Studies are being conducted to evaluate patterns of eab-induced ash decline and mortality and to predict changes in forest tree-species composition.

Selected Research Studies

Last Modified: 12/13/2016