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Forest Disturbance Processes

Air Pollution and Sustainable Forest Ecosystems

[photo:] An air pollution monitoring site provides data that are used by both researchers and regulators.Research Issue

Although the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 resulted in decreased emissions of sulfate, acidic deposition continues to threaten the health and sustainability of forest ecosystems. Specific concerns related to the effects of acidic deposition on forest soil nutrient availability, and the response of different trees and forest types to these changing nutrient levels.  Some tree species, for example sugar maple and red spruce, may be more susceptible to the effects of low calcium and magnesium levels in the soil.   Elevated atmospheric ozone is another pollutant of concern in the central Appalachian regions, and may threaten Class I Wilderness Areas and other important recreational assets.

Our Research

In our research, we monitor several types of air pollutants affecting the central Appalachians and examine their long-term trends.  These include ozone, sulfur oxides, and nitrogen oxides. We also study the effects of acid deposition, which includes a combination of pollutants (especially sulfur and nitrogen compounds), as it moves through the forest, from tree canopy to the soil and soil solution to streams.  We are studying the effects on nutrient cycling, and tree growth and productivity, and on a number of other ecosystem components.  Much of our research is part of the Fernow Watershed Acidification Study, one of only two whole-watershed acidification studies in the U.S., with complimentary work coming from another experiment associated with the Long-Term Soil Productivity Study.

Expected Outcomes

Our research will improve the current understanding of how forest ecosystems respond to acidic deposition and other air pollutants.  The results inform land managers who make decisions about how to manage and maintain resilient forests within a climate that is changing both physically and chemically.  Our findings also inform policymakers who create legislation and regulations to protect air quality, human health, and ecosystems.

Research Results

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Research Participants

Principal Investigator

  • Mary Beth Adams, US Forest Service Northern Research Station - Research Soil Scientist
  • Pamela Edwards, US Forest Service Northern Research Station- Research Hydrologist

Research Partners

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