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Contact Us about Experimental Forests


Experimental Forests/Ranges and
Points of Contact

Station Experimental Forest  POC
NRS Argonne Christel Kern
NRS Bartlett Mariko Yamasaki
NRS Big Falls Brian Palik
NRS Coulee Christel Kern
NRS Cutfoot Brian Palik
NRS Dukes/Upper Peninsula Christel Kern
NRS Fernow Melissa Thomas-VanGundy
NRS Hubbard Brook Lindsey Rustad
NRS Kane Todd Ristau
NRS Kaskaskia John Kabrick
NRS Kawishiwi Brian Palik
NRS Lower Peninsula Christel Kern
NRS Marcell Randall Kolka
NRS Massabesic Mariko Yamasaki
NRS Paoli John Kabrick
NRS Penobscot Laura Kenefic
NRS Pike Bay Brian Palik
NRS Rhinelander  Deahn Donner
NRS Silas Little Kenneth Clark
NRS Sinkin John Kabrick
NRS Udell Christel Kern
NRS Vinton Furnace Todd Hutchinson or William Borovicka

Cooperating EFs

NRS Baltimore J. Morgan Grove
NRS Howland David Hollinger

EF oversight

NRS Director Cynthia West
NRS Research AD Ralph Crawford
NRS Research AD Beth Larry
NRS EFR Working Group Representative /
NRS EF Coordinator
Lindsey Rustad


Last Modified: 03/06/2019