Fernow Experimental Forest


[image:] Map of the Fernow gauged watersheds.

Watershed research was begun on the Fernow in 1951 when different levels of harvesting and different harvesting techniques were applied to several watersheds. Basic questions about forest hydrology and water use by forests, as well as important questions related to forest roads, best management practices, and forest management effects on water and soil resources have been research topics over the past 60 years. Long-term monitoring sites (60+ years) include seven gauged watersheds, where streamflow is measured continuously, and two weather stations, where precipitation, temperature, and several other meteorological measurements are collected.  Three additional watersheds have been instrumented to measure streamflow since the mid-1980s.

The Fernow hydrology and climate data are summarized using a May through April water year. The growing season includes May through October while the dormant season includes November through April. Because our hydrologic year spans two calendar years and we perform our final data quality checks by water year, there is a lag of 6 to 9 months into the next calendar year before data for a calendar year become available (e.g., 2011 daily precipitation data are not available until mid-summer or late 2012).