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Data and Tools

FIA tools are specialized computer programs created specifically to analyze FIA data.  Tools allow the user to create custom maps and tables and to determine facts such as these:

  1. How much forest land is there in the United States?

  2. What is the distribution of American beech in New England?

  3. What is the area of timberland, by county, in Minnesota?

  4. What is the volume of red oak saw timber in New Hampshire?

The FIA database contains extensive data on forest area attributes, such as forest type, stand size, stand age, and forest disturbance.  Data are also collected on individual trees, which are tracked over time.  Some tree attributes include species identification, diameter at breast height, tree length, and tree damage. 

More in-depth measurements related to forest health are collected on a sub sample of the plots.  These include Tree Crown Condition, Lichen Communities, Ozone Injury, Down Woody Materials, Soil Condition, and Vegetation Diversity and Structure.



Last Modified: 07/20/2018