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Regional Management Team

The complete FIA program envisioned by Congress was to be a Federal-State partnership, with both Federal and State partners contributing resources to accomplishment the work. The Northern Research Station, Forest Inventory and Analysis Regional Management Team periodically meets to review accomplishments and future plans.

2018 Meeting - Manhattan KS, Dec 2018
Regional Management Team Overview (PPT 487KB)
EVALIDator - Batch Processing and API (PPT 275KB)
Carbon TPO (PPT 15.3MB)
Data Collection (PPT 3.5MB)
ASG - Digital Tools and Products (PPT 10.9MB)
Information Management (PPT 1.2MB)
NIMAC and Techniques (PPT 3.3MB)
Tableau (PPT 1.5MB)
Trees Outside Forests (PPT 85.7MB)
Trees Outside Forests - KS Analysis (PPT 22.4MB)

2016 Meeting
Regional Management Team Overview (PPT 392KB)
ASG Update (PPT 21.MB)
Carbon TPO Users Group (PPT 30.5MB)
Information Management (PPT 532.5KB)
Urban FIA Team Update (PPT 23.0MB)
APIS 101 (PPT 4.5MB)
Honoring the Past, Building the Future (PPT 24.8MB)
Datim (PPT 6.6MB)
LiDAR Overview (ZIP 53.3MB)
Data Collection (PPT 3.8MB)

2015 Meeting
Regional Management Team Overview (PPT 1.5MB)
ASG Update (PPT 1.8MB)
NIMAC Status (PPT 2MB)
Carbon TPO Users Group (PPT 9.8MB)
TPO Workshop (PPT 1MB)
Information Management (PPT 686KB)
Regeneration Indicator (PPT 6.7MB)
Next Generation Reporting Tools (PPT 6.4MB)
Urban Overview (PPT 4MB)
Urban Update Part 1 (PPT 4MB)
Urban Update Part 2 (PPT 13.8MB)
Urban Texas (PPT 30.1MB)
Data Collection (PPT 5.6MB)

2014 Meeting
Regional Management Team Overview (PDF 815KB)
ASG Update (PDF 1.5MB)
NIMAC Status (PDF 1.2MB)
Carbon TPO Users Group (PDF 2.0MB)
Information Management (PDF 123KB)
Atlas Briefing (PDF 3.6MB)
Regeneration Indicator (PDF 2.8MB)
Wisconsin - Statewide Urban Forest Inventory (PDF 3.3MB)
Urban FIA (PDF 5.1MB)
Data Collection (PDF 212KB)



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