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Northern Forest Futures Project

What is the Northern Forest Futures Project?

[image:] Distribution of forests and people in the geographic area included in the  Northern Forest Futures Project.

Where are “Northern Forests”?

“Northern Forests” span public and private ownership in both rural and urban landscapes across the 20-state region bounded by Maine, Maryland, Missouri, and Minnesota. Information used in the Northern Forest Futures Project includes both regional and global trends, but results will be scaled to the northern region

Why care about forests?

Forests ecosystems provide many public benefits from clean air and water to timber and scenic places.  The mix of benefits constantly changes in response to natural forces and human activities.  

Northern Forest Futures Project

The Northern Forest Futures Project is a multi-year research effort, chartered by the USDA Forest Service, the Northeastern Area Association of State Foresters, and the University of Missouri. It is using leading-edge scientific talent and analysis to


The goal of the project is to forecast how known and emerging natural resource and societal trends will alter the character of tomorrow’s forests and how the resulting changes will alter the ability of forests to contribute to the wellbeing of people and communities.


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