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Current Conditions: What are forests like now?

[photo:] Colorful Fall foliage in mixed northern hardwoodsAny projection of future forest conditions needs an assessment of current forest conditions as a basis for comparison.   This section describes current forest conditions and trends for the 20 Northern States through selected characteristics associated with forest sustainability. The chosen characteristics come from the internationally recognized Montréal Process Working Group on Criteria and Indicators for the Conservation and Sustainable Management of Temperate and Boreal Forests, a set of 64 indicators within seven broad criteria for sustainability. To these, we have added an eighth criterion focused on the urban and community forests in the northern United States. To get started, select of the criteria from the navigation list on the right.

Current Conditions Data

In addition to the Criteria and Indicators, you can view a variety of statistics (All Land in State, Forest Land in State, Net Volume of Growing Stock on Timberland, etc.). This "Current Conditions Dashboard" allows you to compare states visually on a map, and browse various statistics.

You can also view the data, ranked by state for the twenty Northern states, and even compare two states.

View the Current Conditions by State

map of the twenty northeastern states Minnesota Connecticut Illinois Indiana Iowa Missouri New Hampshire Ohio Pennsylvania Rhode Island Vermont West Virginia Massachusetts Massachusetts New York Michigan Wisconsin New York Massachusetts Maine New Jersey Delaware Maryland

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The assessment of current conditions is summarized in the publication, "Forests of the Northern United States"