Monitoring Studies Conducted with State Clients

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[map:] Image of State Forest land on which NIMAC helped design a forest inventory, overlain on county boundaries in Wisconsin.

State forestry agencies often have non-traditional monitoring needs that FIA does not address. For example, National Inventory and Monitoring Applications Center (NIMAC) clients might be interested in having precise estimates of forest attributes on the forestland that they manage, like State Forests, or having detailed information on trees outside of forests.

Our Research

In order to address these needs, NIMAC works with state agencies in several state and substate areas. The following examples illustrate some of these partnerships.

In Wisconsin, NIMAC has teamed with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) to develop a forest inventory program that is allowing them to ensure the sustainability of their forests, focusing on forest certification and invasive plants. They now collect, analyze and publish data on an annual basis for each Wisconsin state forest individually and as a group (total of approximately 500,000 acres). One sample plot is measured for every 160 ac. The information is being used to track the status of and trends in forest extent, tree growth, mortality, harvest, invasive plants, wildlife habitat, and overall health.

Research Results

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Research Participants

Principal Investigators

  • James Westfall, USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station Forest Inventory and Analysis and NIMAC, Research Forester
  • Andrew Lister, USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station Forest Inventory and Analysis and NIMAC, Research Forester

Research Partners

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