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Northern Research Station
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Inventory, Monitoring , and Assessment

Experimental Forests

[photo:] Experimental Forest

Research Issue

The complexity of forest ecosystems and their interactions requires reference sites for understanding systems and how they change. 

Our Research

The number of stressors that impact today’s forests is ever-increasing and the resilience of forest ecosystems is untested.  Without sound research to evaluate the silvicultural, hydrologic, and ecological responses; forest management will be uninformed.  Experimental Forests provide the opportunity to study these relationships and many other aspects, such as wildlife, natural system development, and restoration.  The station currently houses 20 Experimental Forests across the region. More on Northern Research Station Experimental Forests.

Expected Outcomes

The research results from Experimental Forests typically provide critical information that is relevant for large forest biomes, such as the Allegheny Plateau of Pennsylvania.  The long-term nature of Experimental Forest studies are invaluable because they are part of a larger network of Forests that meshes to offer region-wide coverage.  Forest management is kept up to date as findings and issues continue to evolve.

Research Results

Lugo, A. E., F.J. Swanson, O.R. González, M.B. Adams, B. Palik, R.E. Thill, D.G. Brockway, C. Kern, R. Woodsmith, R. Musselman.  2006.  Long Term Research at the USDA Forest Service's Experimental Forests and Ranges.  BioScience 56(1):39-48


Research Participants

Principal Investigator

John Kabrick, US Forest Service- Northern Research Station, Research Forester

Research Partners

Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Forest Service
Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Forestry
Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Bureau of Forestry
West Virginia Division of Forestry


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