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Northern Research Station
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Madison, WI 53726
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Inventory, Monitoring , and Assessment

Map Atlas

[photo:] Net volume of sawtimber trees on timberland

Research Issue

Knowing the extent of the forest resource is simply not enough. Modern forest science and management requires spatially explicit monitoring results.

Our Research

Modern decisions require accurate information on the location of particular forest resources.  When combined with other geo-spatial data, the forest inventory data become a tremendous source of contextual information.  For example, overlaying a map of an oak forest cover type with maps depicting the location of gypsy moth outbreaks, of population densities and land-use changes, and any other variables of interest, will provide a complete picture of the many factors affecting our landscape.  Analyzing these kinds of data allow significant value-added products that improve our ability to monitor and shape future forests.

Expected Impact

The ability to view forest resource information in a spatial format has expanded the scientific community’s ability to forge new analyses that address contemporary issues.  This in turn allows policy-makers and managers to make highly informed decisions.

Research Results

Hoppus, M.L. and A.J. Lister.  2005.  Measuring Forest Area Loss Over Time Using FIA Plots and Satellite Imagery  In: McRoberts, Ronald E.; Reams, Gregory A.; Van Deusen, Paul C.; McWilliams, William H.; Cieszewski, Chris J., eds. Proceedings of the fourth annual forest inventory and analysis symposium; Gen. Tech. Rep. NC-252. St. Paul, MN: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, North Central Research Station. 91-97

Research Participants

Principal Investigator

Research Partners

  • Andrew Lister, US Forest Service Northern Research Station Research Forester
  • Rachel Riemann, US Forest Service Northern Research Station Research Forester/Geographer
  • Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, Forestry
  • Delaware Department of Agriculture, Forestry
  • Illinois Division of Forest Resources
  • Indiana Division of Forestry
  • Iowa Department of Natural Resources – Forestry Division
  • Kansas Forest Service
  • Maine Department of Conservation, Forest Service
  • Massachusetts Department of Conservation, Forestry
  • Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Forest Service
  • Michigan Department of Natural Resources
  • Minnesota Department of Natural Resource, Division of Forestry
  • Missouri Department of Conservation
  • Nebraska Forest Service
  • New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Parks and Forestry
  • New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands
  • New York Division of Land and Forests
  • North Dakota Forest Service
  • Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Forestry
  • Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Bureau of Forestry
  • Rhode Island Division of Forest Environment
  • South Dakota Division of Resource Conservation and Forestry
  • Vermont Division of Forestry, Parks, and Recreation
  • Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Forestry Program
  • West Virginia Division of Forestry

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