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Cover image from book- City of Forests City of FarmsCity of Forests, City of Farms: Sustainability Planning for New York City’s Nature is a history of recent urban forestry and agriculture policy and programs in New York City. The book examines PlaNYC, the city's sustainability plan, to consider how and why nature is constructed in New York City.

Environmental Governance and Civic Engagement

[photo:] Gardener in Bedford-Stuyvesant.Who takes care of New York City’s urban ecosystem and how do volunteers and nonprofit organizations get involved in environmental stewardship activities? This area of research focuses on how, when, where and why individuals and organizations use, care for, shape, and benefit from open space and greening programs.   Our research suggests that today’s urban stewardship groups are forming innovative new partnerships where a common interest in the urban environment draws together people from the private sector, civil society, and government agencies .

We have studied individual volunteers, volunteer networks, and nonprofit and organizations to understand the urban environmental stewardship landscape in New York City. Geographic characteristics of organizational stewardship networks are examined in STEW-MAP (The Stewardship Mapping and Assessment Project). The connections between stewardship, land cover and ecosystem services are explored in our ULTRA-Ex work. In depth case studies analysis in doctoral dissertation research reveals the potential for new stewardship systems and partnerships in urban settings.

In a further investigation into the relationship between communities and open space, Forest Service social scientists have begun a study of NYC Parks and Natural Areas, asking: What are the uses, meanings, and values of public greenspace in New York City?

This question has guided a pilot project, Reading the Landscape: A Social & Site Assessment of Public Greenspace, which began in early 2013 in the communities surrounding Jamaica Bay, NYC. Future stages of research are forthcoming, as are the replication and refinement of the study in other public parks and natural areas across New York City.

Research Products

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