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Andrea Brandon

Andrea Brandon

Science Delivery Specialist
1992 Folwell Avenue
St. Paul, MN, 55108-1034
Phone: 651-649-5157

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Current Research

As the Science Delivery Specialist for the Northern Research Station, my focus is on improving communications and knowledge exchange between the scientific and natural resource management communities. Much of this work is accomplished through creating and disseminating a regular suite of science delivery products, promoting and providing coordination through new and existing partnerships, and increasing science-land manager collaborative efforts.

Research Interests

I am highly interested in working with researchers to synthesize science findings, develop tools and resources, and provide useable research results for foresters, fire managers, and natural resource professionals. Barriers to effective communication between scientists and land managers charged with on-the-ground decision-making can ultimately result in barriers to the application of best available scientific knowledge for land management. Finding ways to translate science and foster greater coordination with a wide range of natural resource interest groups and constituencies is a passion of mine.


  • Johns Hopkins University, M.S. Environmental Science Environmental Science and Policy, 2018

Publications & Products

  • Butler, Patricia R.; Iverson, Louis; Thompson, Frank R.; Brandt, Leslie; Handler, Stephen; Janowiak, Maria; Shannon, P. Danielle; Swanston, Chris; Karriker, Kent; Bartig, Jarel; Connolly, Stephanie; Dijak, William; Bearer, Scott; Blatt, Steve; Brandon, Andrea; Byers, Elizabeth; Coon, Cheryl; Culbreth, Tim; Daly, Jad; Dorsey, Wade; Ede, David; Euler, Chris; Gillies, Neil; Hix, David M.; Johnson, Catherine; Lyte, Latasha; Matthews, Stephen; McCarthy, Dawn; Minney, Dave; Murphy, Daniel; O'Dea, Claire; Orwan, Rachel; Peters, Matthew; Prasad, Anantha; Randall, Cotton; Reed, Jason; Sandeno, Cynthia; Schuler, Tom; Sneddon, Lesley; Stanley, Bill; Steele, Al; Stout, Susan; Swaty, Randy; Teets, Jason; Tomon, Tim; Vanderhorst, Jim; Whatley, John; Zegre, Nicholas. 2015. Central Appalachians forest ecosystem vulnerability assessment and synthesis: a report from the Central Appalachians Climate Change Response Framework project. Gen. Tech. Rep. NRS-146. Newtown Square, PA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northern Research Station. 310 p.
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