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Iris Montague

Iris Montague

Research Forester
201 Lincoln Green
Starkville, MS, 39759
Phone: 662-338-3129

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Current Research

Dr. Montague researches ways to improve the wood products industry's competitive advantage. She examines the industry's business model to understand product promotion strategies and limitations.  Also, she researches consumer purchasing behavior to determine what attracts consumers to wood products.

Research Interests

Her primary research interest involves analyzing the wood products industry's business model and marketing strategies. She uses the information obtained through market analysis to provide the industry with insight into current trends and consumer perceptions.

She researches current social media tends to determine how the industry can use those platforms to share information and market products effectively.
She also examines how consumers use these platforms to gather information during the wood products purchasing process.

She also examines the millennial generation and the attitudes and perceptions they have towards the wood products industry and wood products. As Millenials are the largest generation in the workforce and the consumer market, having this information is vital to understanding future employees and consumers.

Why This Research is Important

This research is important because of the increase in globalization and the change in how business is conducted during the last decade. The information obtained through this research is vital to the industry when developing strategies to improve business models and networks.  Also, having this information is key to the industry's development of new and innovative ways of marketing/selling forest products and reaching new customers.


  • University of Georgia, Ph.D. Forestry Resources (Marketing and Finance concentration), 2009
  • Alabama A&M University, M.B.A. Business Administration (Marketing concentration), 2000
  • Alabama A&M University, B.S. Forestry Management, 1998

Professional Experience

  • Research Forester, USDA Forest Service 2000 - Current
  • Student Trainee Forestry, USDA Forest Service 1994 - 2000

Professional Organizations

  • Forest Products Society (FPS) (2009 - Current)

Featured Publications & Products

Publications & Products

National Research Highlights

Storm damage to timber. Donald L. Buckner, Diversified Consulting Services.

Options for Timber Salvaging After Natural Disasters in the Gulf States

Year: 2016

Forest Service researchers analyzed timber salvaging data collected in the Gulf State region after major hurricanes. Post-hurricane analysis leads to a better understanding of storm salvaging operations and increased salvaging efficiency.

Log bucking in Buckhannon, West Virginia. Iris Montague, USDA Forest Service.

Hardwood Log Procurement and the Role of Log Brokers

Year: 2014

Forest Service researchers analyzed hardwood log procurement practices and the effects of log brokers on the hardwood distribution system. They found that economic conditions have affected log procurement practices but not the role of log brokers. They also noted that sawmills had a limited demand for log broker services, with log delivery and the procurement of specialty logs being the most highly demanded broker services.

Examples of popular social media platforms now being used in the forest products industry. Iris Montague, USDA Forest Service

Social Media Use in the Forest Products Industry is a New Way to do Business

Year: 2013

Forest Service researchers analyzed the Internet and social media usage of forest products producers in major forest-products producing states to determine which web strategies were most used and what factors determined internet and/or social media use. They found that more and more companies were incorporating web-sites and social media use into marketing strategies to help remain competitive and that Facebook was most heavily used. While it seems that smaller wood product firms would benefit greatly from using the internet and social media in marketing strategies, it appears that larger, consumer-product-oriented firms are more likely to embrace these marketing concepts.

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