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Nancy Hayes-Plazolles

Biological Technician
359 Main Road
Delaware, OH, 43015
Phone: 740-368-0018

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National Research Highlights

1: Two American elm trees tree on left healthy with dark green foliage while tree on right is diseased and exhibiting light yellow foliage.  
2: Variability in American elm leaf color associated with infection by Candidatus. Phytoplasma trifolii  with leaves on left collected from an infected tree while leaves on right were collected from a healthy tree.

Identification of a clover proliferation group phytoplasma as the probable cause of American elm Ttee mortality

Year: 2017

Forest Service scientists observed premature canopy decline symptoms in elm trees within their research plantations in midsummer 2016. They attributed canopy decline symptoms to a phytoplasma in the clover proliferation group previously not reported to impact forest trees. Mitigation approaches are currently being undertaken.

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