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Philadelphia Field Station


Contact Sarah Low for more information about partnering with the Philadelphia Field Station.

Research Partnerships

Partnership Opportunities

We are always open to working with new partners and finding new ways to collaborate around issues related to urban natural resource stewardship. We currently have several formal partnerships with local partners, including Davey Institute, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, University of Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia Parks & Recreation.


The Philadelphia Field Station is fortunate enough to be situated in the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society office allowing us to work closely with a non-profit organization deeply rooted in urban forestry and stewardship. Our relationship with Davey Institute increases our capacity by providing two research foresters who as team members contribute to Field Station projects on a daily basis. Having a formal relationship with University of Pennsylvania has allowed us to develop mutually beneficial research projects with faculty and researchers at that university and to involve interested college students in research. Our agreement with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation has allowed us to expose middle and high school students to natural resources and to encourage youth to become engaged in their communities and to consider careers in natural resources.