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Wood use by Ohio's Amish furniture cluster

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Forest Products Journal. 57(12): 6-12.


Much has been reported regarding the decline of the U.S. wood furniture manufacturing industry. One segment that seems to be maintaining its competitiveness is the Amish-made furniture sector. The Amish traditionally have undertaken agriculture-related occupations (Stinner et al. 1989); however, as farmland has become increasingly scarce and expensive, and as the Amish population has grown, more are seeking opportunities in nonfarming occupations such as manufacturing (Lowery and Noble 2000, Amish.Net n.d. b). Amish-made furniture is an example of an emerging manufacturing sector, but like many Amish industries, one for which a dearth of information is available.


Bumgardner, Matthew; Romig, Robert; Luppold, William. 2007. Wood use by Ohio''s Amish furniture cluster. Forest Products Journal. 57(12): 6-12.

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