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UFORE (i-Tree Eco) Analysis of Chicago

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IAA Newsletter. 25(1): 5,8-9.


The USDA Forest Service and City of Chicago conducted a UFORE (now called i-Tree Eco) analysis of Chicago's urban forest in the summer of 2007. The UFORE (Urban FORest Effects) model developed by the Forest Service uses on-the-ground sampling data to understand the composition of on urban forest and calculate the forest's impacts on air pollution and energy use. UFORE Chicago involved visiting 750 tenth-acre (0.1 acre) plots randomly distributed across all land uses and the entire city. Over a 4-month period, three dedicated field crews collected data on every tree over 1 inch in diameter in every plot as well as more general plot information like ground caver and land use. The UFORE model used the sampling data to estimate that there are about 3,585,000 trees in Chicago.


Fisher, Cherie LeBlanc; Nowak, David. 2010. UFORE (i-Tree Eco) Analysis of Chicago. IAA Newsletter. 25(1): 5,8-9.

Last updated on: May 13, 2010