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Type studies of corticioid Hymenomycetes (Basidiomycota) with aculei

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Sydowia. 61: 273-285.


Type specimens of ten, resupinate, corticioid basidiomycetes with aculei described by various authors were examined. Five species are later synonyms: Acia conferta P.H.B. Talbot (= Phanerochaete subquercina), Hydnum squalinum Fr.: Fr. (= Cerrena unicolor), Melzerodontia udamentiens P. Roberts (= Phlebia badia), Mycoleptodon ljubarskii Pilát (= Hydnophlebia chrysorhiza), Odontia griseo-olivacea Höhn. (= Phlebia uda). The new combination, Scopulodontia webbii (= Hydnumwebbii Berk.), is proposed. Phaeoradulum guadelupense Pat. is a species of unknown affinities. Three species were tentatively identified to species: Hydnum bresadolae Qué1. (= Dentipellis cf. fragilis), Hydnum stalagmodes Berk. & M.A. Curtis (= Phlebia cf. fuscoatra), and Odontia palumbina Höhn. (= Scopuloides cf. rimosa).The misapplication of the name Hydnum squalina is discussed.


Hydnum limonicolor; Odontia latemarginata; Odonticium monfraguense; Odonticium flavicans


Nakasone, K.K. 2009. Type studies of corticioid Hymenomycetes (Basidiomycota) with aculei. Sydowia. 61: 273-285.

Last updated on: March 26, 2010