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Luminescent Mycena: new and noteworthy species

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Desjardin, Dennis E.; Lodge, D. Jean; Stevani, Cassius V.; Nagasawa, Eiji

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Mycologia. 102(2): 459-477.


Seven species of Mycena are reported as luminescent, representing specimens collected in Belize, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Japan (Bonin Islands), Malaysia (Borneo) and Puerto Rico. Four of them represent new species (Mycena luxaeterna, M. luxarboricola, M. luxperpetua, M. silvaelucens) and three represent new reports of luminescence in previously described species (M. aff. abieticola, M. aspratilis, M. margarita).


Agaricales; bioluminescence; Mycenaceae; mycenoid fungi; taxonomy


Desjardin,Dennis E.; Lodge,D. Jean; Stevani,Cassius V.; Nagasawa, Eiji. 2010. Luminescent Mycena: new and noteworthy species. Mycologia. 102(2): 459-477.

Last updated on: April 29, 2010