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Type studies of corticioid Hymenomycetes described by Bresadola

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Cryptogamie, Mycologie. 29(3): 231-257.


Twenty-six type specimens of corticioid basidiomycetes in the genera Corticium, Cytidia, Grandinia, Hydnum, Kneiffia, Merulius, Odontia, Peniophora and Radulum described by Bresadola, alone or with others, were examined. The new taxon, Phlebia cryptocystidiata, is described and illustrated, and an epitype for Hydnum flavicans is designated. Ten new combinations are proposed: Cristinia eichleri, Dendrothele crustulina, Hyphoderma crustulinum, Hyphodermella rosae, Kneiffiella stereicola, Odonticium flavicans, Phanerochaete queletii, Resupinatus stictoideus, Scytinostroma quintasianum, and Thujacorticium zurhausenii. The following thirteen taxa were found to be synonyms: Corticium aureolum (= Cerocorticium molle), Corticium leprosum (= Ramaricium polyporoideum), Corticium lloydii (= Phanerochaete burtii), Corticium luteum (= Gloeocystidiellum luridum), Cytidia wettsteinii (= R. stictoideus) Grandinia bondarzewii (= Intextomyces contiguus), Grandinia schweinitzii (= Radulomyces cremoricolor), Kneiffia frangulae (= Cylindrobasidium evolvens), Odontia brassicicola (= Sistotrema brinkmannii), Odontia cremorina (= Hyphodontia bugellensis), Odontia pannosa (= Hyphodermella corrugata ), Odontia torrendii (= Dentipellis leptodon), and Peniophora subcremea (= Hypochnicium eremicolor). Four taxa could not be identified to species: Hydnum ochroleucum (= Mycorrhaphium sp.), Merulius fuscescens, Merulius tessellatus (Sclerodermatineae or Paxillineae), and Odontia lilacina (= Grammothele sp).


Nakasone, Karen K. 2008. Type studies of corticioid Hymenomycetes described by Bresadola. Cryptogamie, Mycologie. 29(3): 231-257.

Last updated on: March 19, 2009