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Phenology of slippery bark and common foliar diseases

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Arboricultural Consultant. 46(2): 27-28.


As mud season gives way to spring in New England, the pace of plant development quickens. We see that from the visual cues of plant phenology, the sequence and timing of biological events. The big early season events are upon us as the maple sap has run, buds swell, bud dormancy breaks, and leaves and flowers emerge. This is a good time for arborists to dust off their notebooks and record the calendar dates for phenological events. Trees don’t know much about the Gregorian versus the Mayan calendar, but they are acutely aware of the sequence of events.


Smith, Kevin T. 2013. Phenology of slippery bark and common foliar diseases. Arboricultural Consultant. 46(2): 27-28.

Last updated on: June 19, 2013