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What's bugging you—slime molds

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Consulting Arborist. 46 (3): 21-23.


Summer rains in the northeastern US bring out fist-sized masses of grainy yellow goo, frequently on wood chip mulch or decaying wood. The first concerned "what is that" phone call usually is followed the next day by a more alarmed "what is that", when the blob has moved a foot or two across the mulch. All too often, alarm moves to disgust when I put the common name of "dog vomit fungus" (Fuligo septica is the scientific name) on the mass. This is actually a great opportunity to learn about and enjoy a richly varied and beautiful part of our natural biodiversity.


Smith, Kevin T. 2013. What's bugging you-slime molds. Consulting Arborist. 46 (3): 21-23.

Last updated on: September 16, 2013