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Origin of buds, branches, and sprouts

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Tree Care Industry. 25(5): 22-27.


Recent research shows that survivor trees in rural, managed forests rebuild broken crowns with new branches and foliage after ice storm injury (Shortle et al. 2014). Veteran trees in historic parks and landscapes show repeated cycles of crown loss and recovery (Fay 2002). Crown rebuilding or reiteration from sprouts is a physiological response with architectural effects that occur after crown injury or as part of tree aging, or senescence (Meier et al 2012). That a tree would form new shoots and branches to replace lost foliage and photosynthetic capacity makes sense (Shigo 1989). However, arboriculture and the public sometimes seem divided on what to do with branch and stem sprouts (Meilleur 2012).


Smith, Kevin T. 2014. Origin of buds, branches, and sprouts. Tree Care Industry. 25(5): 22-27.

Last updated on: May 21, 2014