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A few winter fungi

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Mainely Mushrooms. 35(1): 9-12.


Winter walks around my Portland neighborhood remind me how fungi are exquisitely tuned in to environmental factors including short term weather and seasonal change. Most of this past growing season has been especially rich in fungal abundance and diversity. The same cold snaps that signal autumnal senescence and fall foliage coloration in broadleaved trees also seem to stimulate a last wave of fruiting by a range of macro-fungi. As the northern forest moves into the more muted tones of late fall and the monochrome of winter, I like to imagine that the fungi know that they have a limited time so they hurry along to produce mushrooms. As understory herbaceous plants die back to the ground and the woodland trees and shrubs shed their leaves, fruiting bodies and other fungal survival structures tend to become more prominent.


Smith, Kevin T. 2019. A few winter fungi. Mainely Mushrooms. 35(1): 9-12.

Last updated on: February 6, 2019