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Mayamontana coccolobae (Basidiomycota), a new sequestrate taxon from Belize

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Mycotaxon. 100: 289-294.


A new semi-hypogeous, sequestrate genus and species in the Basidiomycota is described from the Maya Mountains of Belize, where it was fruiting in association with Coccoloba belizensis. Mayamontana coccolobae is characterized by small, bright orange basidiomata with a friable, loculate, red-orange to red gleba and bilaterally asymmetric, ellipsoid to subglobose, hyaline to pale green or yellow spores with a slightly wrinkled utricle and thick walls.


taxonomy; distribution


Castellano, Michael A.; Trappe, James M.; Lodge, D. Jean. 2007. Mayamontana coccolobae (Basidiomycota), a new sequestrate taxon from Belize. Mycotaxon. 100: 289-294.

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