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Agrilus bilineatus

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EPPO Bulletin


Throughout its range, A. bilineatus usually completes its life cycle in a single year, although some individuals can require 2 years (Cote & Allen, 1980), which may be attributed to slower larval developmental rates in vigorous hosts, populations that occur where summers are cool and short, or individuals that develop from eggs that are laid in late summer (Chamorro et al., 2015). Last-instar larvae need to experience an extended cold period before they will pupate and transform to adults, as is common in many Agrilus species that develop in temperate latitudes (Chamorro et al., 2015; Reed et al., 2018).


Haack, Robert A.; Petrice, Toby R. 2020. Agrilus bilineatus. EPPO Bulletin. 50(1): 158-165.

Last updated on: April 20, 2020