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What are the birds and bees telling us?

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City Trees. July/August: 34-37.


As arborists and urban foresters, we are hired for our knowledge of trees and forest management. But trees are part of an ecosystem, and we know they cannot thrive unless the conditions around them are optimal for growth. The Forest Service has learned a tremendous amount about best management practices through the study of biodiversity and urban forest habitats for birds and bees; this article will highlight some of these findings and their implications for those of us seeking to grow healthy and thriving trees and forests.


birds; bees; lawns; biodiversity; patches; fragment; edge; ticks; lyme


Lerman, Susannah; D'Amico, Vince; Rodbell, Phillip. 2021. What are the birds and bees telling us? City Trees. July/August: 34-37.

Last updated on: July 20, 2021