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Using more of what trees provide - why not knots?

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Ohio Woodlands. 40(3): 10-11.


We are all familiar with furniture and paneling made from "knotty" pine. In fact, we expect pine to be knotty and such knots add a certain degree of warmness and authenticity. But have you ever wondered why there isn't more knotty oak furniture! Or knotty cherry cabinets? The fact is that most knot distortions and visual defects such as color streaks and small holes are removed from hardwoods before the wood is used to make products like cabinets and furniture. Industry researchers and practitioners refer to such visual defects as "character-marks" and there is considerable interest in increasing the use of such features.


Bumgardner, Matthew. 2003. Using more of what trees provide - why not knots?. Ohio Woodlands. 40(3): 10-11.

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