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Morphological and molecular studies on Resinicium s. str.

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Canadian Journal of Botany 85:420-436


Resinicium Parmasto is typified by Resinicium bicolor (Alb. & Schwein.: Fr.) Parm., (Hymenochaetales, Basidiomycota), a readily recognized and widely distributed corticioid, lignicolous species in the northern hemisphere. Five new species of Resinicium closely allied to R. bicolor from the Caribbean region are described and illustrated: Resinicium confertum Nakasone, sp. nov., Resinicium monticola Nakasone, sp. nov., Resinicium mutabile Nakasone. sp. nov., Resinicium rimulosum Nakasone, sp. nov., and Resinicium tenue Nakasone. sp. nov. In addition, R. bicolor and Resinicium friabile Hjortstam & Melo are redescribed and illustrated. Sequence analyses of the internal transcribed spacer region support the recognition of the new taxa. Further, nuclear small subunit ribosomal RNA sequence data support the recognition of two groups of Resinicium species: the Resinicium s. str. group, including R. bicolor, and the Resinicium s.1. group that includes Resinicium furfuraceum (Bres.) Parm. The genus Resinicium is redefined and a key to the Resinicium s. str. species is provided.


ITS spacer region; 18S rRNA; astrocystidia; halocystidia; Odontia bicolor


Nakasone, Karen K. 2007. Morphological and molecular studies on Resinicium s. str. Canadian Journal of Botany 85:420-436

Last updated on: November 10, 2008