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Fiber farming with insecticidal

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Journal of Forestry 95(3):20-23


Naturally regenerated forests are the primary source of timber, fiber, and fuel throughout much of the world today. In the United States, however, public outcry over increasing forest fragmentation and habitat loss is reducing timber harvests in many areas. As our demand for forest products exceeds supplies, reliance on international timber resources will escalate, exacerbating global deforestation and timber shortages. Agroforestry-growing trees in intensively managed fiber or fuel farms-will lessen our demands on forest ecosystems in other parts of the world. Applications of plant biotechnology for the genetic improvement of woody plants, as for agronomic crops, are becoming increasingly valuable tools. Clearly, planning for future demand is essential because of the long production cycle of trees.


Bauer, Leah S. 1997. Fiber farming with insecticidal. Journal of Forestry 95(3):20-23

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