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Putrescine overproduction negatively impacts the oxidative state of poplar cells in culture

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Mohapatra, Sridev; Minocha, Rakesh; Long, Stephanie

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Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 47: 262-271.


While polyamines (PAs) have been suggested to protect cells against Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), their catabolism is known to generate ROS. We compared the activities of several enzymes and cellular metabolites involved in the ROS scavenging pathways in two isogenic cell lines of poplar (Populus nigra × maximowiczii) differing in their PA contents.


ascorbate; glutathione; oxidative state; polyamines; populus; reactive oxygen species


Rakesh Minocha, Gabriela Martinez, Benjamin Lyons, and Stephanie Long. 2009. Development of a standardized methodology for the quantification of total chlorophyll and carotenoids from foliage of hardwood and conifer tree species. Can. J. For. Res. 39: 849-861.

Last updated on: December 29, 2009