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Phenology, cold injury and growth of American chestnut in a Range-Wide provenance testSchaberg, Paul G.; Murakami, Paula F.; Collins, Kendra M.; Hansen, Christopher F.; Hawley, Gary J.2022
Preferences of avian seed-hoarders in advance of potential American chestnut reintroductionWright, James R.; Matthews, Stephen N.; Pinchot, Cornelia C.; Tonra, Christopher M.2022
Progeny test: assessing the influence of genetics and the environment on American chestnut at its northern range limitSchaberg, Paul G.; Murakami, Paula F.; Collins, Kendra M.2022
Restoring a keystone tree species for the future: American chestnut assisted migration plantings in an adaptive silviculture experimentClark, Peter W.; Freeman, Alissa J.; D'Amato, Anthony W.; Schaberg, Paul G.; Hawley, Gary J.; Evans, Kevin S.; Woodall, Christopher W.2022
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Beyond blight: Phytophthora root rot under climate change limits populations of reintroduced American chestnutGustafson, Eric J.; Miranda, Brian R.; Dreaden, Tyler J.; Pinchot, Cornelia C.; Jacobs, Douglass F.2022
Differing Responses to Cryphonectria parasitica at Two Indiana LocationsLawson, Shaneka S.; Ebrahimi, Aziz ; McKenna, James R.2021
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Injecting a dose of reality into forest landscape models using remote sensingGustafson, Eric J.; Miranda, Brian R.; Sturtevant, Brian R.2019
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Pooled whole-genome sequencing of interspecific chestnut (Castanea) hybrids reveals loci associated with differences in caching behavior of fox squirrels (Sciurus niger L.)LaBonte, Nicholas R.; Woeste, Keith E.2018
Forecasting effects of tree species reintroduction strategies on carbon stocks in a future without historical analogGustafson, Eric J.; Sturtevant, Brian R.; de Bruijn, Arjan M. G.; Lichti, Nathanael ; Jacobs, Douglass F.; Kashian, Daniel M.; Miranda, Brian R.; Townsend, Philip A.2018
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Chapter 12: Reestablishing American chestnut on mined lands in the Appalachian coalfieldsFrench, Michael; Barton, Chris; McCarthy, Brian; Keiffer, Carolyn; Skousen, Jeff; Zipper, Carl; Angel, Patrick2017
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Mortality, early growth, and blight occurrence in hybrid, Chinese, and American chestnut seedlings in West VirginiaThomas-Van Gundy, Melissa; Bard, Jane; Kochenderfer, Jeff; Berrang, Paul2017
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Realistic restoration targetsThomas-Van Gundy, Melissa; Whetsell, Robert2016
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Restoration of chestnuts as a timber crop in ConnecticutAnagnostakis, S.L.; Pinchot, C.C.2014
Native mycorrhizal fungi replace introduced fungal species on Virginia pine and American chestnut planted on reclaimed mine sites of OhioHiremath, Shivanand; Lehtoma, Kirsten; Bauman, Jenise M.2014
Effects of simulated prescribed fire on American chestnut and northern red oak regenerationBelair, Ethan P.; Saunders, Mike R.; Clark, Stacy L.2014
Using Next-Generation Sequencing to Accelerate Blight-Resistance Improvement and Investigate Ecologically Important Traits in Indiana’s American Chestnut Breeding ProgramLaBonte, Nicholas; Woeste, Keith2014
Genetics and silvicultural treatments influence the growth and shoot winter injury of American chestnut in VermontSaielli, Thomas M.; Schaberg, Paul G.; Hawley, Gary J.; Halman, Joshua M.; Gurney, Kendra M.2014
American chestnut: A test case for genetic engineering?Pinchot, Leila2014
Decomposition rates of American chestnut (Castanea dentata) wood and implications for coarse woody debris poolsde Bruijn, Arjan; Gustafson, Eric J.; Kashian, Daniel M.; Dalgleish, Harmony J.; Sturtevant, Brian R.; Jacobs, Douglass F.2014
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