American Chestnut


Elm plantationBreeding efforts are currently underway to develop American chestnut families that are resistant to both chestnut blight disease and ink disease. Once disease-resistant American chestnuts are available for planting, the next step is establishing founder populations throughout the species’ range. This will require a tremendous and expensive effort, thus understanding how to maximize reintroduction success is essential. Northern Research Station Scientists are currently evaluating multiple aspects of chestnut reintroduction, from silvicultural strategies; how to manage forest stands to enhance planted chestnut establishment; to site selection; how to choose sites where chestnut can grow and compete well; to adaptation of improved chestnut to local stressors, for example extreme cold. Results from this work will inform breeding efforts as well as a landscape-scale strategy to reintroduce this species throughout its large range.

Research Summaries

Last Modified: March 19, 2019