American Elm


Elm plantation Our overarching goal is to restore the American elm as a species across the urban to rural gradient. Accomplishing this goal requires two steps:

  1. Generating regionally-adapted populations of Dutch elm disease (DED) tolerant American elms, which involves:
    • Identifying large surviving American elms with DED tolerance
    • Breeding elms to increase DED tolerance
    • Identifying the genes associated with DED tolerance
    • Testing the cold tolerance of progeny from regionally adapted DED-tolerant American elm for saturation in northern latitudes
    • Testing the tolerance of DED tolerant elm to elm yellows, a group of pathogens that kills American elm, among other elm species.
  1. Developing methods to successfully reintroduce American elm along the rural to urban gradient.

Research Summaries

Last Modified: March 4, 2019