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Sustaining Forests

Conserve and Enhance Forest Resources

Harvesting timber and manufacturing lumber products are important to the economies of many rural communities in the Northeast and Midwest. Although the NRS region's forests account for only 11% of the nation's forest lands, they contain 20% of the nation's forest industry lands and hardwood growing stock. Other non-timber forest products and wildlife and fish are also important, though in a smaller scale, to these communities. Many wildland recreational activities such as hunting and fishing, vacationing, nature tourism, and viewing wildlife and fall leaf color bring millions of visitors to many upstate mountains and woodlands. Maintaining healthy forests means that we must sustain forests in all their varied types, age classes, and ecosystem classifications. Lastly, tree plantations (aka tree farming of quick growing trees) for biomass production could help to reduce our dependency of fossil fuels.

Last Modified: 10/01/2006