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Sustaining Forests

Consequences of Fire and Fire Surrogate Treatments: The Central Appalachian Plateau Site - Animations and Videos - 2005 Video

Sample Burn Video

Surface fire activity around a tree bole instrumented with six sets of thermocouple probes. Each set comprises a fine probe inserted into the bark so that its tip is several millimeters below the bark surface, and a corresponding probe positioned at the bark surface nearby. The probes are spaced evenly around the circumference and are connected by shielded cable to the datalogger contained in the silver fire shelter package near the center of the video. Temperature data were used to estimate the variations in heat flux around the circumference (see Bova and Dickinson 2008). Note the vortices of flame that attach to the leeward side of the bole later in the video. These cause greater heating of that portion, complicating estimates of stem mortality

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