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Sustaining Forests

Consequences of Fire and Fire Surrogate Treatments: The Central Appalachian Plateau Site - The Ohio Hill Country FFS Research Site Study Area


[image:] Overview map depicting FFS study areas in Southern Ohio

[image:] map magnified to show three locations of FFS research

The Central Appalachian Plateau site of the FFS project is located on the Raccoon Ecological Management Area, the Tar Hollow State Forest, and the Zaleski State Forest in southeastern Ohio.


Racoon Ecological Management Area (REMA)

[image:] Overview map of Racoon Ecological Management Area

[image:] Shows FFS plots within the REMA


Tar Hollow State Forest

[image:] Map showing locations of study plots within Tar Hollow [image:] Overveiw map showing location of Tar Hollow


Zaleski State Forest

[image:] Map showing Zaleski study location

[image:] Map showing study plot layout at Zaleski location


Plots Layout

[image:] Plot Layout map

Last Modified: 04/09/2008

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