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Sustaining Forests

Consequences of Fire and Fire Surrogate Treatments: The Central Appalachian Plateau Site - The Ohio Hill Country FFS Research Site Study Area


[image:] Indicates locations of the FFS study sites

The Ohio Hills site of the FFS project is located on the Raccoon Ecological Management Area (REMA), the Tar Hollow State Forest (TAR), and the Zaleski (ZAL) State Forest in southeastern Ohio. The study consists of four treatments on the three study areas (REMA, TAR, and ZAL), resulting in 12 experimental units.

The REMA is a 17,000 acre tract of land, owned by the Mead Corporation and co-managed under a Memorandum of Understanding with the Forest Service, Northeastern Research Station.  The Vinton Furnace Experimental Forest (VFEF) is located within the boundaries of the REMA and is operated under a lease agreement with the Mead Corporation and the Forest Service, Northern Research Station.   The VFEF serves as "field headquarters" for the study.  The research areas in the Zaleski State Forest and Tar Hollow State Forest are managed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Division of  Forestry, and are being used for research purposes under a special use permit, and a Memorandum of Understanding between ODNR and the Forest Service, Northern Research Station.

The four treatments implemented at each study area are: (1) untreated control, (2) prescribed fire only,  (3) thinning from below, and (4) thinning from below followed by prescribed fire

Treatment units (about 20 ha (50 acres)) are forest stands or portions of larger stands all having irregular boundaries. A 50x50 m grid of points was established on the ground with a Global Positioning System (GPS) to study landscape changes.  Ten 20x50 m plots are located within each treatment area to measure the effects on distinct portions of the ecosystem.

Last Modified: 04/09/2008

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