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Northern Research Station
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Madison, WI 53726
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Sustaining Forests

Consequences of Fire and Fire Surrogate Treatments: The Central Appalachian Plateau Site - The Ohio Hill Country FFS Research Site Study Area

Core Disciplines

Utilization and Economics – Roger Williams, OSU
Fuels and Fire Behavior – Brian McCarthy, OU
Below-Ground Processes – Ralph Boerner, OSU
Vegetation – Todd Hutchinson, NRS-02; Brian McCarthy; Dan Yaussy, NRS-02
Pathology – Bob Long, NRS-02
Wildlife – Don Miles, OU

Collateral Studies

Deer Exclosures – Dave Apsley, OSU
Acorn Weevils – Brian McCarthy, OU
Fuel Photograph Guide – Pat Brose, NRS-02
Bats – Don Miles, OU
Flying Squirrels – Don Miles, OU
Chipmunks – Don Miles, OU
Mycorrhizae – Carolyn McQuattie, RWU 4558
Landscape Fire Temperatures – Louis Iverson, NRS-02; Dan Yaussy, NRS-02
Soil Moisture – Louis Iverson, Joanne Rebbeck, NRS-02
Grid and Transect Analysis – Louis Iverson
Available Light – Todd Hutchinson, NRS-02, Louis Iverson, Joanne Rebbeck
Dendrochronology – Bob Long, NRS-02, Todd Hutchinson
Leaf Area Index –Kim Brown, OU
Fire Dynamics – Matt Dickinson, NRS-02
Carbon and NPP – Kim Brown
Hydrologic Process Models – Matt Dickinson; Larry Band, UNC
Earthworms – Ralph Boerner, OSU
Meta-analysis – Ralph Boerner
Ailanthus – Brian McCarthy, Joanne Rebbeck, Todd Hutchinson
American Chestnut – Brian McCarthy
Turkey – Brian McCarthy
Coarse Woody Debris Decomposition – Brian McCarthy
Seedbank – Brian McCarthy

Last Modified: 04/09/2008

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