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Putting Science to Work

Tools & Applications are another way the Northern Research Station brings you science you can use. Our research scientists and staff not only publish in peer reviewed journals, but we produce software and applications to help disseminate our cutting edge science.

Featured Collection - Forest Inventory and Analysis Engagement Portfolio

Screenshot of engagement portfolios collectionForest Inventory and Analysis Engagement Portfolio Providing rich, interactive experiences for the public while simultaneously making forestry data available to resource professionals and other users...

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Featured Software - NED

image - logo for NED softwareNED is a collection of software products being developed by the USDA Forest Service. The NED software is intended to aid resource managers to develop goals, assess current and future conditions, and produce sustainable management plans for forest properties. Learn more about NED

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Last Modified: 10/26/2017


[image:] Forest cover map of teh Norteast from FIDO

Alien Forest Pest Explorer is a portal for the exploration of spatial and biological data relating to non-indigenous forest pests. It can be used to generate customized reports that provide a brief description of the pest and a map depicting state and county distribution. Currently, the Explorer contains data for 90 forest pests (75 insect and 15 pathogen species) in the US.