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Urban Forest Effects Model - UFORE

Urban Forest Effects Model - UFORE

[image:] UFORE logo[image: iTree logoContacts: David J. Nowak, Daniel E. Crane, Jack C. Stevens, and Robert E. Hoehn III


The UFORE computer model (a.k.a. i-Tree ECO) was developed to help managers and researchers quantify urban forest structure and its functions. UFORE is designed to use standardized field data from randomly located plots, and local hourly air pollution and meteorological data to quantify urban forest structure and numerous urban forest effects for cities across the world. The model calculates numerous attributes about the urban forest, including:

bulleted itemSpecies composition
bulleted itemDiameter distribution 
bulleted itemTree health
bulleted itemSpecies diversity
bulleted itemExotic vs. native species distribution

image: UFORE application running on Palm handheldThe model also calculated various forest functions and values related to tree effects on:

bulleted item Air pollution
bulleted item Greenhouse gases and global warming
bulleted item Building energy use

This model is currently available through i-Tree. The program, which was originally written in SAS, is currently being converted, in cooperation with the Davey Resource Group, to a Windows® based code. New analytic modules are and will be developed in the future, including GIS-based mapping and analysis capabilities.

Field Data Collection Manuals (UFORE manual available at i-Tree)
Presents information of how to establish plots and measure variables that can be used to quantify urban forest structure, functions, and values. Manual for urban FIA (2mb- pdf) plots is complete.

[photo:] Color-Infrared aerial photo showing circular UFORE plot, residential area, Syracuse, NY  *** Sharon, size and position this wherever it looks good.Tree/shrub species codes - (used for both manuals) are available in two formats.

bulleted itemTree/shrub species code list as pdf

bulleted itemTree/shrub species codes list as .XLS

Funding Sources: USDA Forest Service's State and Private Forestry, Cooperative Forestry's Urban and Community Forestry Program; Forest Health Monitoring; and Northern Research Station; the National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council; and the Texas Forest Service


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