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Strategic Foresight

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Contrasting responses of woody and grassland ecosystems to increased CO2 as water supply varies Pan, Yude ; Jackson, Robert B.; Hollinger, David Y.; Phillips, Oliver L.; Nowak, Robert S.; Norby, Richard J.; Oren, Ram ; Reich, Peter B.; Lüscher, Andreas ; Mueller, Kevin E.; Owensby, Clenton ; Birdsey, Richard ; Hom, John ; Luo, Yiqi 2022
A "serious game" to explore alternative forestry futures Bengston, David N.; Westphal, Lynne M.; Dockry, Michael J.; Crabtree, Jason 2022
Lab-grown wood: a potential game changer for forestry and forest products Bengston, David N. 2021
Monitoring Emerging Issues: A Proposed Approach and Initial Test Hines, Andy ; Baldwin, Bes P.; Bengston, David N.; Crabtree, Jason ; Christensen, Keri ; Frankowski, Nina ; Schlehuber, Laura ; Westphal, Lynne M.; Young, Lena 2021
Drivers of change in U.S. forests and forestry over the next 20 years Dockry, Michael J.; Bengston, David N.; Westphal, Lynne M. 2020
Forest-linked livelihoods in a globalized world Oldekop, Johan A.; Rasmussen, Laura Vang; Agrawal, Arun ; Bebbington, Anthony J.; Meyfroidt, Patrick ; Bengston, David N.; Blackman, Allen ; Brooks, Stephen ; Davidson-Hunt, Iain ; Davies, Penny ; Dinsi, Stanley C.; Fontana, Lorenza B.; Gumucio, Tatiana ; Kumar, Chetan ; Kumar, Kundan ; Moran, Dominic ; Mwampamba, Tuyeni H.; Nasi, Robert ; Nilsson, Margareta ; Pinedo-Vasquez, Miguel A.; Rhemtulla, Jeanine M.; Sutherland, William J.; Watkins, Cristy ; Wilson, Sarah J. 2020
Unraveling and reweaving the tapestry of life in the Anthropocene Bengston, David N. 2020
Drivers of change in forests and forestry: an introduction Dockry, Michael J.; Bengston, David N.; Westphal, Lynne M. 2020
Abrupt climate change: Exploring the implications of a wild card Bengston, David N.; Crabtree, Jason ; Hujala, Teppo 2020
Future estrangement: not having a place in the emerging future Bengston, David N. 2020

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