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Institute for Applied Ecosystem Studies

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LANDIS is a forest landscape model designed to simulate forest growth, competition, seed dispersal succession, and disturbances (including fire, wind, harvesting, insects, global change), across large (>1 million ha) landscapes.

International Recognition

Agroforestry phytoremediation buffer systems in the Great Lakes Basin, USA research recognized in August 2021 issue of the newsletter of the UN-FAO International Commission on Poplars and Other Fast-Growing Trees Sustaining People and the Environment

As the Institute of Applied Ecosystem Studies (IAES), Northern Research Station scientists are working to better integrate science with landscape-scale restoration and contemporary conservation challenges. We are assisting land managers by describing ecological change at different scales and disturbance gradients, and we develop tools that bridge site-specific experimental results to meet the broader scale information needs of policy makers and resource managers. Our research is guided by five focus areas

Recent Publications

Science Delivery

    Recent Scientific Presentations

    Venue Title Presentation Title Author Year
    25th Session of the International Poplar Commission, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; Berlin, Germany Establishment of hybrid poplar for surface mine reclamation in the southern coalfield of West Virginia, USA Ron Zalesny, etal 2016
    North American Ornithological Conference, Washington, D.C. Proactive Management of the Kirtland’s Warbler under Changing Environmental and Management Conditions Donner, Deahn 2016
    Face-to-Face meeting with Chippewa NF; Cass Lake, MN Using LANDIS-II to guide management under a changing climate: a research-management collaboration on the Chippewa National Forest Gustafson, Eric; Sturtevant, Brian 2016
    31st Annual U.S. Landscape Ecology Symposium; Asheville, NC Using first principles to increase the robustness of forest landscape models for projecting climate change impacts Gustafson, Eric; Miranda, Brian; Sturtevant, Brian 2016
    75th Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference Annual Meeting; Indianapolis, IN Population viability analyses to evaluate post-delisting management of the Kirtland’s warbler Donner, Deahn 2016
    North American Joint Bat Working Group Meeting; St. Louis, MO Resistance to White-Nose Syndrome in bat populations of the Northern Forest: exploring the critical disease-genotype-microbiome link. Donner, Deahn; Marquardt, Paula 2015
    3rd Science in the Northwoods Conference; Boulder Junction, WI Beaver management in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, Wisconsin Donner, Deahn 2015


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