Restoration and Conservation of Rural and Urban Forests

From urban centers to wildland, the Restoration and Conservation of Rural and Urban Forests research unit (NRS-16) pursues science related to restoration of forests affected by disease, insect attacks, introduction of new species, fragmentation, or changing environmental conditions.

This research includes breeding trees that have all but disappeared due to invasive disease and insects, such as the American elm and ash, and developing management strategies to restore imperiled species such as the American chestnut. Station scientists are investigating environmental factors like soil chemistry, insects, fungi, flooding, air pollution, and climate change that affect tree health. Scientists  work with public and private land owners to restore degraded forests, focusing on both the survival of individual trees and the overall health of the forest system. This work requires collaboration of scientists with diverse expertise focused on various aspects of tree and forest health.

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Last Modified: May 6, 2019