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Urban Natural Resources Stewardship

Lifestyle Behaviors, Consumption Patterns, and Land Management

Many urban neighborhoods are truly distressed: poverty, crime, poor education, and lack of work are daily problems. Although management of trees, rivers, and other natural features could be a part of improving the quality of life and residents’ morale, policy makers don't have the information they need to realize this potential. Northern Research Station (NRS) scientists are working to find the answers to many of the questions regarding the effect of urban greening on community and industrial development.

Selected Research Studies

[photo:] A bicyclist in Chicago's Lincoln Park.What Attracts and Repels Visitors to Urban Recreation and Environmental Education Sites?
We worked with Purdue University and the City of Chicago Department of Environment to find out what will influence people's decisions to visit or not visit the FCEC. We asked 411 Chicago-area residents about their recreation interests, their past visitation at some of the larger and more well-known recreation sites in Chicago, and what factors would cause them to recommend that friends visit or avoid specific sites.


Rapid Issue Tracking: Taking the Pulse of Media Attention and Public Discussion
We developed a method for quickly "taking the pulse" of online public and media discussions. Rapid Issue Tracking uses traditional news media, social media, and other textual data such as public comments received by an agency as the data source.


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